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Interrupted Cross Coupling

Interrupted Cross Coupling



            Michael Kevin Brown


                 Indiana University

           Department of Chemistry


Stereospecific cross-coupling of chiral alkyl metal intermediates is a recognized challenge in modern organic synthesis. Here an alternative strategy is presented in which a chiral alkyl metal is generated as a catalytic intermediate by boryl-metalation of an alkene followed by cross coupling. This interrupted cross coupling represents an attractive approach in chemical synthesis because two new bonds and two new stereocenters are generated in a single operation.  In addition, due to the synthetic versatility of the carbon-boron bond, a variety of structures can be readily prepared, thus representing a general approach toward carbofunctionalization of alkenes.  The scope, mechanistic details, and application to complex molecule synthesis will be discussed.



Time:10:00am, Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Venue: Room A7032, Chemistry Building

Inviter: Prof. ZHANG Junliang

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